Welcome to the VIDEO COMPETITION!! Everyone wins!!

Welcome to the VIDEO COMPETITION!!  Everyone wins!!

We are looking for contestants to submit videos for the opportunity to win cash, prizes, and potentially lucrative future contracts.  The opportunity is unlimited.  This is an opportunity to show your skills to the world and interview for future contacts and contracts for trailers, videos, promos, documentaries, and other film work (We also hope you have fun doing it!).  We anticipate future travel and documentary work for some with the right skill sets.

Cash awards planned as follows:

We reserve the right to INCREASE awards and compensation without notice! 

First Place $400; Second Place $200; Third Place $100; and a free copy of one of our books for all contestants who comply with the guidelines (See below). (Bonuses will be made available to contestants who submit 10 or more video samples) (The presentation will depend on numbers of applicants.)  (We are working on making free signed copies of the book available to some applicants.)  ADDITIONAL cash, prizes, and contracts may be made available by sponsors and affiliates as contest unfolds. It is anticipated that tens of thousands of dollars in bonuses, offers, trips/travel, and contracts will follow those who demonstrate outstanding efforts.  One of our venture capital partners is looking for a eclectic mix for development of a multi-media team. 

Video contest is open to all ages, amateurs, professionals, companies, individuals, groups, teams, students, etc.  No limitations.

The video(s) should be (guidelines):

1)  3-8 minutes long  (Note: A 30 second "clip" will be added at the end of each clip to expand the promotion idea.  This means your "middle" of your video and the default "image" for youtube will be 15 seconds later in our posting of your video.  Further explanation below.)

2)  Focus or explode on one of the topics below  (SEE TOPICS).

TOPIC CHOICES:  Armageddon, Chaos, Fear, 911, Mass Hysteria, Paranoia, Apocalytic, Armegedon, End of the World, 2012, Mayan Prophecies, Nostradamus Prophecies,  Any/All end time prophecies including Biblical and Religious Texts, Conspiracy, Conspiracy Theory, Illuminati, Freemasonry,  Political Control/Manipulation; Cults, Occult, Religious control;  Prophetic Doom/Despair; Heaven, Hell, Purgatory; Secret Societies or any other over-arching "Grand Conspiracy".............If someone wants to "repackage" a work in a similar area they have done, contact Ted Whidden.  Similar genre may bridge over in to an area that will work.  We will open this to your creativity if/when you contact us via e-mail.


3)  Your video should mention an "upcoming release" of a "thriller" on the topic you have selected from the list below.  The thriller will be released by J.A."Doc" Mathea and Ted Whidden.  (FYI:  We have a book series soon to be released.  Each book of the series will have some aspect of the topics which follow.  We will potentially contract for additional production work following the contest to fill other areas for the second phase of our product release.)

4)  Video should have the web address (and no other) available and visible in some means throughout the video.  (See item 6 below for the only exception.)

5)  Applicant should include a video description using terms and language to describe the presentation, PLUS write suggested "tags" for video upload.  See submission guidelines below.  (Since video will be judged based on traffic we put all of the tools in the hand of the producer, YOU!)

6)  The video CAN have up to a 15 second opener introducing the producer, developer, etc (ie. YOU!) and your contact details, that way professionals and semi-professionals can use our contest as a soapbox to launch your own design products.  (You help us promote and we help you promote, with YOU having the primary position!) (In this 15 seconds of the video do not show the web address.  Show it for the rest of the video.)  The intro in the beginning of the video will likely be the means in which we contact winners.

7)  You can send as many videos as you like, but each entry requires a minimum of 3 videos to qualify for the contest.  This way we get to see a greater dynamic of your team's abilities.  The EASIEST and best way to post your video(s) for the competition is to post it to YOUR youtube account with description and tags, then notify our administrator group ( ).  This way we can "grab" a copy and then have a means of contacting you.

8)  It is preferred that each entry is clearly labeled to correlate to the topic you have selected. (Examples: Armegedon1, Armegedon2, Armegedon3; Rapture1, Rapture2; Mayan2012A, Mayan2012B.)  You are not limited to any one area.  Your entries can all be on different topics if you like.

9)  In order for contest to move forward or to reach completion 200+ individual contestants are required.  This will give a wide cross section of material.  (Note: This is an opportunity for producers to share their skills with potentially millions of viewers.  We are considering this an "interview" for some for future work.  The more applicants the better for all involved.  We maintain a large contact list/following, plus a referral directory, so applicants will have potentially a large platform for their work to be seen.)

10)  Radical/Out of the Box ideas are encouraged.  (Note:  The use of imagery of past, present, or future power figures, dictators, etc may "fit" with the product.)  Maintain civility at all times respecting cultural issues. No profanity PLEASE!

11)  We reserve the right to use or not to use any aspect of the product submitted.  Please maintain conventional moral and ethical guidelines.  We are looking for edgy, but not obviously offensive material.

12)  We want to see out of the box ideas.  Radical is welcome.  Prefer vulgarity, obscenity, and profanity to be avoided.  We will likely not air any "adult content" submissions.

13)  Updates on the contest will be available via: and "Theodore L Ted Whidden" and/or "Doc Mathea" Facebook page.

14)  Once video is produced/developed post it to your "channel" on YouTube, then notify us of the "link" to the video.  We will grab a copy of your Video description, tags, etc and repost.  The countdown for your video starts when we post it.  You can subscribe to our "channel" and receive notification when your video is posted.  (Channel is )

15)  Contest timeline will be governed in large part by printing schedule of the book.  Early entrants may have some advantage based on time, but if printing is delayed for any reason this will allow others to "make up" any perceived advantage.  We anticipate going to print before Christmas 2009.  Contest could be completed by the end of SUMMER 2009 in preparation for Christmas distribution of the books.

16)  Have fun and Tell your friends.

17)  Feel free to research our work thus far online.  What we are looking for in this contest are presentations that "break the mold" of our past presentations. If we wanted to maintain the present/teacher style of our past productions then we would do it ourselves.  We want original, edgy, interesting, high impact ideas.  We're not looking for perfection.  We're looking for someone who can take a small idea, expand it to a 3-8 minute clip using topical ideas and imagery.

18)  Contact me Ted Whidden via Facebook or Twitter for details.  Your submission will still require description and tags to be submitted with the video in a "copy and paste" format to prevent our admin staff from having to re-type it.

Note:  Shock effect helps.  We will be installing a 30 second ending to each applicants video we air online, so plan for a 30 second extension that will close with the name of the book and other credits.  Our 30 second closing will likely be standard for all and will highlight the name of the Text to be released in the topic area you selected and the best method to obtain the book(s).  We will very likely use a black background and white lettering for our closing in the event that you wish to "color-coordinate" your work with ours.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  Very likely the middle "thumb-nail" auto-selected by YouTube will be default image.  This image is taken (by Youtube) at the middle of the video timeline. Since we will be adding a 30 second "closing" to the product(s) we use you must consider this.  (Delay your "middle" image by 15 seconds in order to have the perfect default in the competition version.)



First round judging will be based on web traffic to the video on our YouTube account.  The top twenty will be selected and a "tie-breaker" will be made based on how much traffic the producer has at their own web location for their submitted videos.  (Note it will be for a TOTAL of all submissions on the producer site, thus making it advantageous for multiple videos).


If you do not have a Youtube account, then VIDEO PRESENTATIONS should be sent on CD in MP4 or similar (simple) format for upload to the web.  The products are to be sent to:

Ted Whidden, P.O.Box 158, Chipley, Florida 32428

Include in the package your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.  All descriptions, tags, etc should be in electronic format (to allow copy and paste) from the CD to the video content provider............To receive the free book copy, include in the package a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) large enough for a standard size novel so that we can send you your book(s).  (You pay the postage only, we provide a book for free.)  All submissions become property of



Follow our research as it happens at

All video products submitted becomes property of the web operator at .  We reserve the right to upload to multiple venues, however the YouTube venue will be used for contest judging.  Other traffic outbursts will be considered if there is an issue with "tie-breaking" or future contracts.



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